Writing Elsewhere

Below are writing pieces and projects that have been published elsewhere. Most of them are projects that I’ve worked on as part of a larger team of brilliant organizers, activists, and friends. Enjoy!

API Resistance:
Bringing it Home: South Asians Talking to our Parents about Sureshbhai Patel, Police Brutality, and Black Lives Matter

Queers for Justice in India:
LGBTQ Indians Pressure Apple, Google, and Facebook to #ChallengeModi

South Asians for Black Power: On Anti-Blackness, Islamophobia, and Complicity

NQAPIA, National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance:
Why Queer APIs Want to #EndLGBTQDetention

The Cap Times:
I Should Have Been Arrested

The Cap Times:
Letter to Chief Koval

QSANN, the Queer South Asian National Network:
It Starts at Home: Confronting Anti-Blackness in South Asian Communities

QSANN, the Queer South Asian National Network:
A Week of Queer South Asian Rage

Jaggery, a DesiLit Arts and Literature Journal